A character utility library with ASCII, Latin-1, and UTF-8 support based on .NET's Char.

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  import skyraChar from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@skyra/char';



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  • @skyra/char is a character utility library with ASCII, Latin-1, and UTF-8 support based on .NET's char struct, all credits to the .NET community and thanks to the Discord C# Community for helping us understand the low-level unsafe logic.
  • Supports both NodeJS and Browsers by providing CommonJS, ES Module and UMD bundles.

Installation and Usage

Package managers

yarn add @skyra/char
# or npm install @skyra/char


const { fromCode } = require('@skyra/char');
import { fromCode } from '@skyra/char';

Browser build

If you want to use the browser build you can pull it directly via unpkg. Note that when using a Framework such as React, Vue or Angular we recommend you refer to the package managers section.

<script src="https://unpkg.com/@skyra/char"></script>


The UMD module is exported as SkyraChar:




Copyright Β© 2020, Skyra Project. Released under the MIT License.


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