SyllaDB leveldown backend for Skyring

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  import skyringScylladown from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@skyring/scylladown';



ScyllaDB backend store for levelup leveraging abstract-leveldown

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Specialized leveldown backend for use with skyring. Not all level down features are supported. Namely, iterator / stream ranges and explicit buffer casting - all keys and values are returned as strings


const levelup = require('levelup')
const scylladown = require('@skyring/scylladown')

const opts = {
  contactPoints: ['', '', '']
, keyspace: 'customkeyspace'

const db = levelup(scylladown('table_name'), opts)


  • contactPoints - Array of scylla nodes
  • keyspace - The scylla keyspace to operate int
  • replicas - The number of keyspace replicas to create