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Slate Core

This repository is part of the Slate Framework. Slate is a responsive, modern web framework written in Sass. It is packed full of features to help you build the most awesome things for the web. This is Slate Core, the heart and soul of the framework. This is meant to be used in your own asset pipeline.

Quick Start

Assuming you have an existing project with an asset pipeline (Gulp, Grunt, Ruby, Laravel, .Net Core etc):

$ cd your/project/folder
$ yarn add @slateengine/slatekits

Include Slate in your project:

@import 'slate';

However, this will leave you stuck at the default settings for the core. Whilst you can grab these out of the node modules folder, for your convenience we have put them in this repo for reference. You want the ones in the core folder.

For full documentation, visit the Slate website.

Slate was made with ♥ by Hash&Salt.