Manage windows in macOS, Windows and Linux

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Manage windows in Windows, macOS and Linux(WIP)


To install this package, just run

$ npm install node-window-manager

Quick start

The following example shows how to get the currently focused window's title and hide it.

const { windowManager } = require("window-manager");

const window = windowManager.getActiveWindow();

// Prints the currently focused window title.

// Moves the window.
window.setBounds({ x: 0, y: 0 });


Object Rectangle

  • x number
  • y number
  • width number
  • height number

Object WindowInfo

  • id number
  • title string
  • processId string
  • path string - path to executable associated with the window
  • bounds Rectangle
  • opacity number (Windows)
  • owner Window (Windows) - owner window of the current window

Class WindowManager

Instance methods

windowManager.getActiveWindow() Windows macOS

windowManager.getScaleFactor(monitor: number) Windows

  • Returns number - the monitor scale factor.

windowManager.getWindows() Windows macOS


Event 'window-activated' Windows macOS


Emitted when a window has been activated.

Class Window

We try to keep this class similar to Electron's known BrowserWindow class, to keep it simple to use.

new Window(id: number | WindowInfo)

  • id - this can be either a number or a WindowInfo object.

Instance properties

  • id number
  • processId number - process id associated with the window
  • path string - path to executable associated with the window

Instance methods

win.getBounds() Windows macOS

win.setBounds(bounds: Rectangle) Windows macOS

Resizes and moves the window to the supplied bounds. Any properties that are not supplied will default to their current values.

window.setBounds({ height: 50 });

win.getInfo() Windows macOS

Returns WindowInfo

win.getTitle() Windows macOS

  • Returns string

win.show() Windows

Shows the window.

win.hide() Windows

Hides the window.

win.minimize() Windows macOS

Minimizes the window.

win.restore() Windows macOS

Restores the window.

win.maximize() Windows

Maximizes the window.

win.bringToTop() Windows macOS

Brings the window to top and focuses it.

win.setOpacity(opacity: number) Windows

  • opacity - a value between 0 and 1.

Sets the window opacity.

win.getOpacity() Windows

Gets the window opacity

Returns number between 0 and 1.

win.getMonitor() Windows

Gets monitor by window.

Returns number - monitor handle.

win.isWindow() Windows macOS

Returns boolean - whether the window is a valid window.

win.getOwner() Windows

Returns Window

win.setOwner(win: Window | number | null) Windows

  • win Window | number | null
    • pass null to unset window owner.