High-level API for Single Sign On (SAML 2.0)

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Highly configuarable Node.js SAML 2.0 library for Single Sign On

Welcome PRs

Welcome all PRs for maintaining this project, or provide a link to the repositories especially for use cases alongside with different frameworks.


If you want to quickly implement SAML SSO, feel free to check out Auth0's NodeJS SDK and free plan at auth0.com/overview.


To install the stable version

Starting from v2.5, schema validation becomes selectable and optional, we restrict to apply it in your production environment, you can only ignore schema validation in development mode. When you install samlify in your current project, please assign the environment variable SAML_VALIDATOR to either javac, xmllint or libxml.

$ SAML_VALIDATOR=javac yarn add samlify

For those using Windows, windows-build-tools should be installed globally before installing samlify if you are using libxml validator.

$ yarn global add windows-build-tools


This project is now developed using TypeScript, also support Yarn which is a new package manager.

$ yarn global add typescript
$ yarn

Get Started

const saml = require('samlify');

See full documentation here


react-samlify SP example powered by React, TypeScript and Webpack


An introduction to Single Sign On




Copyright (C) 2016-present Tony Ngan, released under the MIT License.