Immutable Objects and Values

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  import slimioImmutable from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@slimio/immutable';



V0.1.0 Maintenance MIT

Immutable Objects properties.

⚠️ this project is experimental

Getting Started

This package is available in the Node Package Repository and can be easily installed with npm or yarn.

$ npm i @slimio/immutable
# or
$ yarn add @slimio/immutable


seal< T extends object >(target: T): T

Same as Object.seal() but doesn't allow to cast the original property type:

const obj = Immutable.seal({
    foo: "bar"
obj.foo = "world"; // ok
obj.foo = 10; // Error: Unable to cast string to number for propertyKey foo
freezedProperty(target: object, propertyKey: symbol | string, value?: any): void

Setup a freezed property on a given target (Same behavior as Object.freeze but for all kind of values).

const obj = {};
Immutable.freezedProperty(obj, "foo", "bar");
console.log(obj.foo); // stdout bar
delete obj.foo; // Error