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SlimIO Windows Services is a Node.js Binding which expose low-level Microsoft APIs to fetch Services state, configuration and triggers.

The binding expose the following methods/struct:


Getting Started

This package is available in the Node Package Repository and can be easily installed with npm or yarn.

$ npm i @slimio/winservices
# or
$ yarn add @slimio/winservices

Usage example

Get all active windows services and retrieve advanced informations for each of them in series.

const services = require("@slimio/winservices");
const { States } = services.constants;

async function main() {
    const activeServices = await services.enumServicesStatus(States.Active);

    for (const service of activeServices) {
        console.log(`service name: ${service.name}`);
        const serviceConfig = await services.getServiceConfiguration(service.name);
        console.log(JSON.stringify(serviceConfig, null, 4));


enumServicesStatus(desiredState: number): Promise< Service[] >

Enumerate Windows Services by the desirate state (Default equal to State.All). State can be retrieved with the constants State.

export interface ServiceStates {
    Active: 0,
    Inactive: 1,
    All: 2

The returned value is a Promise that contain an Array of Service.

export interface Service {
    name: string,
    displayName: string;
    process: {
        id?: number;
        name?: string;
        currentState: number;
        serviceType: number;
        checkPoint?: number;
        controlsAccepted: number;
        serviceFlags?: number;
        serviceSpecificExitCode: number;
        waitHint: number;
        win32ExitCode: number;
enumDependentServices(serviceName: string, desiredState?: number): Promise< DependentServices >

Enumerate dependent Windows Services of a given Service name. The returned value is a Promise of Object DependentServices.

Default value for desiredState is State.All.

export interface DependentServices {
    [serviceName: string]: Service;

Warning: Each Service are a reducted version of the TypeScript interface Service (optionals are not in the payload).

getServiceConfiguration(serviceName: string): Promise< ServiceInformation >

Get a given Windows Service configuration. The returned value is a Promise of Object ServiceInformation.

export interface ServiceInformation {
    type: string;
    startType: string;
    errorControl: string;
    binaryPath: string;
    account: string;
    loadOrderGroup?: string;
    tagId?: number;
    dependencies?: string;
    description?: string;
getServiceTriggers(serviceName: string): Promise< ServiceTrigger[] >

Get all Service triggers for a given Service name. The returned value is a Promise that contain an Array of ServiceTrigger.

export interface ServiceTrigger {
    type: number;
    action: number;
    guid: string;
    dataItems: ServiceTriggerSpecificDataItem[]

export interface ServiceTriggerSpecificDataItem {
    dataType: number;
    data?: string;

Contribution Guidelines

To contribute to the project, please read the code of conduct and the guide for N-API compilation.


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node-gyp-build ⚠️Major Low Node-gyp builder