Bundle javascript with browserify, designed to be reused in various ways in gulp task

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  import smallmultiplesBundle from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@smallmultiples/bundle';



Factory for a bundle function that can be called in multiple places without setting it up often. Uses browserify but with configuration will swap to using watchify instead.


var bundleFactory = require('lib/gulp/bundle')
var bundle = bundleFactory({ error: console.error, filename: 'bundled.js' })
bundle('path/to/entry.js', 'path/to/bundled/folder', { debug: true }, done)

Missing a lot of the potential options, see api for all of them.



Returns the bundle() function which you will subsequently call. Takes the following options:

  • start: The string to log when starting a bundle. Defaults to: 'Bundinling Javascript...'.
  • time: The string to log when showing how much time a bundle took to complete. Defaults to: 'Bundled JavaScript'
  • error: Callback for the error event from the bundler. Defaults to a no-op.
  • transforms: Array of transforms to pass into a browserify bundler's transform function. Defaults to [ 'csonify', 'babelify' ].
  • extensions: Passed into the browserify bundler options. Defaults to [ '.cson', '.json' ]
  • excludes: Array of excludes to pass into a browserify bundler's exclude function.
  • onUpdate: If using watchify, called when the bundler triggers an update and the re-bundle is finished.
  • filename: What the bundled file should be called. Defaults to 'app.js'
  • buildNotifications: Do you want build notifications or not. Defaults to false.
  • notificationText: Message in build notifications. Defaults to 'Build is ready'
  • notificationTitle: Title of build notifications. Defaults to 'BUILD'
  • uglify: Options to pass to uglify.

bundle(entry, dest, params, callback)

Bundles the javascript together. Takes an entry file, a destination folder, a params object and a callback to call when the bundle finishes.

  • entry: The entry file for browserify.
  • dest: The folder you want to put the bundled file into.
  • params: An object containing the various params for the bundle.
    • params.debug: Passed to the browserify bundler. Determines sourcemaps or not. Default false
    • params.minify: Determines if we minify or not. Default false.
    • params.once: Determines if we use browserify (true) or watchify (false) and rebundle on changes. Default false.
  • callback: A callback to call when the bundle finishes. When using watchify, only called after the first bundle.