commandline tool that helps with kubernetes deployments

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  import smartiveKuby from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@smartive/kuby';


kubernetes-helpers [kuby]

This is a command line helper for kubernetes (kubectl). It does provide some helping commands and eases up deployments.


npm install -g @smartive/kuby

This adds the kuby executable to your global bin.

If you don't have node installed, you can build executables for your system with the package npm script.


kuby -> Prints the help.

Please read the usage help to get along with the tool :)

Each command can be inspected by adding --help to the command.


All global settings and flags (like context and namespace) can be configured via a .kubyrc or .kubyrc.json file. Please ensure, it is a valid json.


  "context": "my-kubernetes-ctx",
  "namespace": "kube-system"

This rc file can ensure, that you only execute certain commands in a certain context.


All information that are saved locally (if the user decides to do so) are stored in the users .kube folder. The information is encrypted with the aes-256-cbc algorithm and the unique machine key. They cannot be moved and are useless on another machine (even a new installation).


  • check out source
  • npm install
  • npm run develop