A simple countdown timer component for Vue 3 written using the composition API.

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Vue Countdown

A simple countdown timer component for Vue 3 written using the composition API.

Demo https://smithalan92.github.io/vue-countdown/


Install with npm

npm i --save @smithalan2/vue-countdown


Name Type Required Default Notes
startDateTime Date no new Date() on each tick Passing a start date time will result in only 1 calc being made.
endDateTime Date yes n/a ----
startImmediately Boolean false true If passed as false, you need to call run on the component ref.
tickDelay Number no 1000 ms to run each recalculation.


Name Args Notes
start None Emitted the first time a countdown starts
finished None Emitted when the countdown has reached the end time
cancelled None Emitted when the countdown has been cancelled
tick Countdown The newely calculated countdown values

Slot props

If the component is passed a default slot. The slot will recieve a prop with Countdown data

Exposed Properties

The component instance exposes a number of properties that can be used if required.

Name Notes
run A function to manually start the countdown.
cancel A function to cancel the countdown
countdown The actual reactive countdown data

Countdown Data

The countdown data is a reactive object. It is passed as a slot prop and also given as a param to the tick event.

The countdown prop contains the values for the countown, as well as formatted text that can be used for display. The countdown data object is structured as follows

  remainingSeconds: { value: Number, text: String },
  remainingMinutes: { value: Number, text: String },
  remainingHours: { value: Number, text: String },
  remainingDays: { value: Number, text: String },
  remainingWeeks: { value: Number, text: String },
  remainingMonths: { value: Number, text: String },
  remainingYears: { value: Number, text: String },

Sample key values may are

remainingYears: { value: 0, text: '0 years' },
remainingDays: { value: 1, text: '1 day' },
remainingSeconds: { value: 54, text: '54 seconds' },

Sample Usage

vue-countdown can be used in 2 ways. You can either use slots to render out the countdown, or provide no slot and listen to the tick event to get countdown updates and do whatever you need to.

With slots

    v-slot:default="{ countdown }">
    {{ countdown }}

With event

onTick(countdown) {


See License.md