Only compile changed files with babel

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A command line tool that only compiles changed files with babel.



npm install -g @smpx/babel-changed
# OR
yarn global add @smpx/babel-changed

Or locally:

npm install @smpx/babel-changed --save-dev
# OR
yarn add @smpx/babel-changed --dev


Default source directory is src and default out directory is dist

# Output
[babel] compiling 1 files
babel-changed: 1413.925ms

See Options & Help

bebel-changed -h

Usage: babel-changed [options]

  -V, --version                output the version number
  -s, --src [dir]              Specify Source Directory (default: "src")
  -d, --dest [dir]             Specify Destination Directory (default: "dist")
  -f, --file-glob [pattern]    Glob pattern to match files in source directory
                               (default: "**/*.*" (all files))
  -i, --ignore-glob [pattern]  Glob pattern to match files to ignore
                               (default: "**/node_modules/**" (ignore all files inside node_modules))
  -e, --extensions <exts>      Extensions to compile (comma separated) (default: ".js")
  -m, --source-maps [boolean]  Enable source maps (default: true)
  -c, --copy [boolean]         Copy files other than .js files (default: true)
  -h, --help                   output usage information

Using with options

If your source directory is source destination directory is out then use

babel-changed -s source -d out

Extensions/Typescript support

For compiling TS/JSX files with babel, change the extensions to compile like below:

babel-changed -e ".js,.ts"

NOTE: Extension of compiled file will always be .js.