Complete Rapid Development Library. Useful reusable front end components for projects

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  import snapatomsUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@snapatoms/ui';


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Snap - UI

Snap - UI

Snap - UI is a small, lightweight JS and CSS library intended for small, infographical websites. The initial motivation was to support Flask/Jinja frontends and create a base from which projects could be derived from and brought to full design and deployment quickly and easily.

For example, simple cases where larger frameworks were too bloated and more difficult to work with than simply writing ground up, vanilla JavaScript and CSS this library works well.

Built using BEM stylesheet syntax guidelines for easy yet structured and ergonomic component classes in templates and ES6 JavaScript.


Initial development and set ups

How to use it?

Basic usage

The library consists of a number of BEM designed components. Usage is simple and there are multiple installation methods.