Node redis cache interop adapter

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  import solubleCacheRedis from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@soluble/cache-redis';


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Cache adapter for node redis client.


$ yarn add @soluble/cache-redis redis
$ yarn add @types/redis --dev


import { RedisCacheAdapter } from '@soluble/cache-redis';

const cache = new RedisCacheAdapter({
  connection: 'redis://:pass@localhost:6379/8',

const { data, error } = await cache.getOrSet('key', asyncPromise, {
  ttl: 30,

if (await cache.has('key')) {
  await cache.delete('key');



RedisAdapter connection param can be a DSN, a RedisConnection, the native ClientOpts or an existing RedisClient connection.

You can use the getRedisOptionsFromDsn function to initiate a connection with native parameters.

import { RedisCacheAdapter, getRedisOptionsFromDsn } from '@soluble/cache-redis';

const dsn = 'redis://localhost:6379/db2';

const cache = new RedisCacheAdapter({
  connection: getRedisOptionsFromDsn(dsn, {
    // here all node-redis client options
    enable_offline_queue: false,