Validates the current git branch name matches company naming policy

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  import springtreeCheckGitBranchName from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@springtree/check-git-branch-name';


Check git branch name

npm version

We use git flow AVH within our company as a git branching strategy. This package provided a module to validate the current git branch against that naming policy. Recommended use is to perform the check in a Husky prepush hook.

You can install this module in your project:

npm i -D @springtree/check-git-branch-name

or run it once with npx:

npx @springtree/check-git-branch-name

Even releases check

Most of mobile app project use an odd/even version approach. Development builds are odd minor versions and master/releases are even. By providing the --evenReleases or -e switch this can also be checked.

Custom checks

If you just want to check if a branch name you are considering is valid use the --test or -t switch:

npx @springtree/check-git-branch-name -t master

SpringTree coding guidelines tool

Our Coding guidelines repository has a command-line tool we use to install our linting setup. It can also be used to install and setip the git branch check:

npx @springtree/coding-guidelines --gitflow

It will install with the even releases check enabled by default.