RxJS STOMP client for Javascript and Typescript

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  import stompRxStomp from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@stomp/rx-stomp';



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This library provides an RxJS oriented STOMP over WebSocket client for Web browser and node.js applications.


This is a wrapper over https://github.com/stomp-js/stompjs. It exposes the STOMP operations as RxJS Observables. It provides almost all operations provided by the underlying library.

This has been developed using TypeScript and includes typing information in the distribution.

TypeScript definitions

The npm package includes TypeScript definitions, so there is no need no install it separately.


The library is distributed as UMD and ES6 modules. This can be installed as an npm module or directly from a CDN:

  1. NPM - npm install @stomp/rx-stomp
  2. Yarn - yarn add @stomp/rx-stomp
  3. Script - available on various CDNs, import both rx-stomp and stompjs

Additionally, rxjs^6.0 needs to be installed.


See https://stomp-js.github.io/ for instructions and tutorials.

This module is distributed as UMD and ES6 modules:

  • NodeJs require,
  • ES6/typescript import
  • including a script tage in HTML.

See samples at: https://github.com/stomp-js/samples/.

API documentation at: https://stomp-js.github.io/api-docs/latest/classes/RxStomp.html.

Before installing please check: https://stomp-js.github.io/guide/stompjs/rx-stomp/ng2-stompjs/pollyfils-for-stompjs-v5.html.


Please visit Change Log.


If you want to understand the code, develop, or contribute. Please visit How to contribute.



License - Apache-2.0