start node script without node_modules, install on require.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import superjsRequireAuto from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@superjs/require-auto';



start node script without node_modules, install on require.


No package.json, no node_modules, simply write the script, require dependencies, and run with require-auto


Install @superjs/require-auto globally:

npm i -g @superjs/require-auto

Then you can start a node script like this:

require-auto app.js

The dependencies will be installed in the dir of app.js.

You can also write app.js with first line as #!/usr/bin/env require-auto, just like below:

#!/usr/bin/env require-auto

const superagent = require('superagent')
const wait = require('@superjs/wait')
let { body } = wait(superagent.get('https://api.npms.io/v2/search?q=scope:superjs'))
console.log(`body:`, body)

Run it with


Programmatic Usage

//after this, hook created for require, for every file

//if 'something' can't be resolved, I will `npm i something` then require it



  • returns: requireAuto, return singleton for the lib

hook is created when the lib is required


  • opt: option to specify

change the specific option of requireAuto.

available options are listed below:

  • cwd: where installation take place, default to the dir of module.parent(who first callrequire ('@superjs/require-auto'))
  • silent: don't log output, default to false
  • excludeNodeModules: don't hook require in node_modules, default to false.