mocha unit testing plugin for svelte-cli

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  import svelCliPluginUnitMocha from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@svel/cli-plugin-unit-mocha';



unit-mocha plugin for svelte-cli

Injected Commands

  • svelte-cli-service test:unit

    Run unit tests with mocha-webpack + chai.

    Note the tests are run inside Node.js with browser environment simulated with JSDOM.

    Usage: svelte-cli-service test:unit [options] [...files]
      --watch, -w   run in watch mode
      --grep, -g    only run tests matching <pattern>
      --slow, -s    "slow" test threshold in milliseconds
      --timeout, -t timeout threshold in milliseconds
      --bail, -b    bail after first test failure
      --require, -r require the given module before running tests
      --include     include the given module into test bundle
      --inspect-brk Enable inspector to debug the tests

    Default files matches are: any files in tests/unit that end in .spec.(ts|js).

    All mocha-webpack command line options are also supported.

Installing in an Already Created Project

vue add @svel/unit-mocha