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  import teamhiveDesignSystemComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@teamhive/design-system-components';


Design System Components

A collection of curated web components to streamline documenting your design systems. Our components are built by developers for developers; to reduce repetitive interactions (such as looking up color codes).

Live Design System

Preview the list of existing design system components at your disposal for documentation.

Design System Components (Design System)

Getting Started

Please note that @teamhive/design-system-components is in active development. This is public for community feedback.

1. Install the design system web components into your application.

npm i @teamhive/design-system-components

2. Initialize the web component loader

In this example are integrating into StoryBook. We are applying this sample in config.js in the configure callback.


3. Start using sb- components.

All web components are prefixed with sb- to help separate storybook documentation components away from the rest of your custom components. Look at any available stories in the live design system for examples on getting started.


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