Quick start wizard for @telus/platform

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import telusCreatePlatform from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@telus/create-platform';


TELUS Platform Quick Start

To use this package, do not install it.


npm init @telus/platform

To make use of this, you must be a member of the TELUS Github org.

What does this package do?

This package uses a lesser known npm init feature to provide a quick start wizard for @telus/platform.

The wizard performs the following steps:

  • Explain how to retrieve the credentials necessary to use @telus/platform and the private registry
  • Accepts the credential and sets up local configuration for @telus/platform
  • Automatically configures the .npmrc with the necessary configuration for install and use @telus/platform.
    • If the npmrc tool is installed on the system, checks which npmrc profile you'd like to use
    • Changes to .npmrc are presented and confirmation is asked for before making changes
    • Backs up old .npmrc file
  • If @telus/platform is installed, checks for updates (minor and patch, not major)
  • If not installed or update is available, installs @telus/platform, after asking permission
  • Initializes a platform project, after asking permission