Utilities for loading/retrieving env vars

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  import tgriesserEnvUtils from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@tgriesser/env-utils';



A few helpers utilizing dotenv to load/retrieve a specific env variable from an env file.


Loads a variable from process.env, with a few options:

getEnv(envVar: string, options?: GetEnvFromOptions): string | null


  // If a value is specified, it is used in the case the value is not defined, 
  // or is empty (unless `allowEmpty` is `true`).
  fallback?: string | (() => string) (default: undefined),

  // Whether the value is required, otherwise an error will be thrown.
  require?: boolean (default: true),

  // Whether empty string values should be allowed, otherwise an error will be thrown.
  allowEmpty?: boolean (default: false),


Retrieves an environment variable from a specific filePath with some additional options.

getEnvFrom(filePath: string, envVar: string, options?: GetEnvFromOptions): string | null


Loads environment variables, will not overwrite set process.env unless overwrite is true. Will error if the environment has already been loaded, unless reload is true.

getEnvFrom(filePath: string | string[], overwrite: boolean = false, reload = false): string | null

License MIT