Analyze the output of tsc --generatetrace

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Tool for analyzing the output of tsc --generateTrace automatically, rather than following the steps here.

Note: The goal is to identify clear-cut hot-spots and provide enough context to extract a small repro. The repro can then be used as the basis of a bug report or a starting point for manual code inspection or profiling.


First, build your project with --generateTrace traceDir. This will create a new traceDir directory with paired trace and types files.

For a sorted list of compilation hot-spots, run npx analyze-trace traceDir. Pass --help to learn more about configuration options. For best results, run the analyzer on a machine where the paths in the trace file(s) resolve correctly.

For a simplified view of a types file (useful when investigating an individual trace), run npx simplify-trace-types traceDir\types.json output_path. Note that the resulting file is for human consumption and should not be passed to the analyzer (i.e. don't clobber the original).

To pretty-print individual types from a types file (faster than processing the entire file), run npx print-types traceDir\types.json id+.


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