Express middleware for authorizing app stores

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  import userappstoreExpressAuthorizedAppStores from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@userappstore/express-authorized-app-stores';


Express middleware for authorizing app stores

This middleware verifies requests come either from your Dashboard server or authorized app stores.

When to use this

You are publishing your web application on UserAppStore or another website using our app store software.

What it does

When claiming an application server on UserAppStore or other sites powered by our app store software you must verify you own the server by publishing a token. This module publishes your tokens and verifies requests come from the app stores you ahve approved. This middleware iterates 1 through however it many it finds, stopping when _x is unconfigured, so you can approve as many app stores as you wish.


This middleware can also determine if the request came from your own Dashboard server, in case you are servicing both app stores and your own users directly.


The end result

If the request came from a recognized app store or your own Dashboard server these properties will be appended to the request object, transferred from the request headers.

req.verified = true
req.dashboardServer = "https://yours_or_app_store"
req.accountid = ""
req.sessionid = ""
// if the user installed for organizations
req.organizationid = ""
// if the user installed via app store
req.subscriptionid = ""

The integrity of the information can only be confirmed if you claim your application server on the app stores.


Development takes place on Github with releases on NPM.


This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain. The MIT License is provided for countries that have not established a public domain.