UXLand - Login component

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<script type="module">
  import uxlandUxlLogin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@uxland/uxl-login';



What is?

It is a login component with user and password.

How Install
npm i --save @uxland/uxl-login
How to use?

import the component and use it in the html with the uxl-login tag

import "@uxland/uxl-login";



Property Name Description Default value
userName User name null
usernamePlaceholder Username input placeholder Usuario
passwordPlaceholder Password input placeholder ContraseƱa
isTitleVisible If true shows footer text false
titleText Title text Titulo App
isFooterVisible If true shows footer text true
footerText Footer text Texto footer
mainImage Main image that appears at the top of the login null
submitButtonText Defines the submit button text Enviar
errorMessage Shows error message when the user or password are not valid null
welcomeMessage Welcome message, appears when you have userName or DisplayName, displays welcomeMessage+UserName or displayName Bienvenido
displayName The user's name showed at the Login if exists null
userImage User image null


extraStyles: This property allow customize styles that will inject like custom styles in component. Allow styling for legacy browsers and this property add compatibility to Safari for example to avoid css custom parts.


The following custom properties and mixins are available for styling:

Custom property Description Default
--uxl-login-primary-color Buttons and textfield color #00897B
--uxl-login-background-color Component background color #E0F2F1
--uxl-login-content-padding Padding content element 0 30%
--uxl-login-title-size Title font-size $uxl-units-size-18
--uxl-login-title-padding Title Padding 5vh 0
Stylable Shadow Parts

The following styleable part's of the element confirm-component are available for styling:

Shadow part name Description
login__container Main container: contains all the login elements
main__image-container Contains the main image
main__image Main image: Image centered on the top of the login
title Title text
user__info User info: Welcome message, image and displayName
user__info-image User image
login__form Login form: contains the inputs and the submit button
user__info-welcome-message Welcome message: appears when there are a userName or displayName
username-container Container with the username input
username-input Username Input
password-container Container with the password input
password-input Password input
error__message Error message in case the submit info is not valid
submit__container Container with the submit button
btn-submit Submit button: enabled only when userInput and passwordInput are completed
footer Footer text


Event name Description
submit Fired when submit button was clicked and username & password has content