Small check library for Node.js and the browser.

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Functional, dependency-free check library for Node.js and the browser (transpiled).


npm i @validatecl/type


Import all or just what you need:

import is from '@validatecl/type';

is.string('foo'); // true
is.string(2); // false

is.number(1); // true
is.number('1'); // false

is.intlPhone('+12015556677'); // true
is.intlPhone('1234'); // false
import { number as isNumber, string as isString } from '@validatecl/type/type';
import { intlPhone as isIntlPhone } from '@validatecl/type/regexp';

isString('foo'); // true
isSstring(2); // false

isNumber(1); // true
isNumber('1'); // false

isIntlPhone('+12015556677'); // true
isIntlPhone('1234'); // false

Multiple Values

If you need to check multiple values, then use the some and every array methods:

import is from '@validatecl/type';

['foo', 'bar'].every(is.string); // true
[1, 2, 'baz'].every(is.string); // false

[1, 2, 3, 4].every(is.number); // true
[1, 2, 'foo'].every(is.number); // false

['foo', 'bar', true].some(is.string); // true
[1, 2, 'baz'].some(is.string); // false

[1, null, '3'].some(is.number); // true
[false, null, 'foo'].some(is.number); // false


Please see the documentation page for more details.