FinTS client library with psd2 support

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A client library for communicating with FinTS servers.


import { PinTanClient } from "fints";

const startDate = new Date("2018-08-10T12:00:00Z");
const endDate = new Date("2018-10-10T12:00:00Z");

const client = new PinTanClient({
    url: "https://example.com/fints",
    name: "username",
    pin: 12345,
    blz: 12345678,

const accounts = await client.accounts();
console.info(accounts); // List of all accounts.

const statements = await client.statements(accounts[0], startDate, endDate);
console.info(statements); // List of all statements with transactions in specified date range.

Further code examples


  • Load list of accounts.
  • Load list of statements and transactions in specified range.
  • Parse statement MT940 format.
  • Parse transaction descriptions.
  • Extract reference tags from transactions.
  • List supported TAN methods.
  • Parse basic metadata.


  • Get current balance.
  • List holdings.
  • Initiate any kind of SEPA transfers or debits.