Pdf generator with for NestJS with templates based on Angular

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<script type="module">
  import valueaddNestjsNgPdfGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@valueadd/nestjs-ng-pdf-generator';



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Extension to the @nestjs/ng-universal that adds the generic endpoint 'pdf-generator' that will return Angular view converted to the pdf. GET request to the pdf-generator/:any-path will open your app at the "any-path" and trigger the "to pdf" browser action.


  1. Adjust your angular app for the SSR with NestJS (sample: https://github.com/TrilonIO/universal-nest).
  2. Instead of AngularUniversalModule.forRoot import PdfGeneratorModule.forRoot


  • Name of the generated pdf will be taken from the tab title.
  • Your client app will be opened as a localhost. It may cause a CORS exception on requests to your API.
  • Your Angular app have access to the Request object. You can pass headers from the request to the 'pdf-generator/' by adding them to the forwardHeaders option in PdfGeneratorModule.forRoot. You can use it to authenticate your Angular app by forwarding Authentication header.
  • Exceptions from the HttpClient in the client application are passed as the result of PdfGenerator.