Grunt task to generate type docs for a given project

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  import vamshipGruntTypedoc from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vamship/grunt-typedoc';



Grunt task to generate documentation from typescript source files.

This is a grunt wrapper for the typedoc tool that allows the generation of documentation from typescript sources files using the grunt task runner.

API Documentation

API documentation can be found here.


Generating documentation from source code is a good practice to have, and most programming languages have extensive support for this features typedoc is the generally accepted tool for documentation generation from typescript.

However, there are no grunt task runners available for typedoc that are compatible with newer versions of typedoc (>2.7.x). The existing grunt plugin (grunt-typedoc)[https://github.com/TypeStrong/grunt-typedoc] has not been updated in many years, and still references typedoc v0.4.1.

This library is an attempt to fill this gap, and uses the typedoc api (does not invoke binary directly) to generate documentation from typescript sources.


This library can be installed using npm:

npm install @vamship/grunt-typedoc


Using the task

Once installed, the task has to be loaded by using the following line in Gruntfile.js:


The task can be configured as follows:

    typedoc: {
        build: {
            options: {
                module: 'commonjs',
                out: './docs',
                name: 'my-project',
                target: 'ES5'
            src: ['./src/**/*']

All options passed to the task are passed directly to typedoc, except for the following properties:

  1. out: This property defines the target directory to which all the generated documentation will be written.
  2. json: This property defines a path to a JSON file that to which unformatted (non html) documentation will be written.

The options object must specify at least one of out or json properties.