Winston transport for @Sentry/node

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  import vancheloWinstonSentryLog from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vanchelo/winston-sentry-log';



Sentry transport for the winston v3 logger using @sentry/node.



Using yarn:

yarn add winston @vanchelo/winston-sentry-log

Using npm:

npm install -S winston @vanchelo/winston-sentry-log


You can configure winston-sentry-log in two different ways.

With new winston.Logger:

import winston from 'winston';
import Sentry from '@vanchelo/winston-sentry-log';

const options = {
  dsn: "https://******@sentry.io/12345",
  level: "info"

const logger = new winston.createLogger({
  transports: [new Sentry(options)]

Or with winston's add method:

import winston from 'winston';
import Sentry from '@vanchelo/winston-sentry-log';

const logger = new winston.createLogger();

logger.add(Sentry, options);

See Options below for custom configuration.

Options (options)

Per options variable above, here are the default options provided:

Default Sentry options:

  • dsn (String) - your Sentry DSN or Data Source Name (defaults to process.env.SENTRY_DSN)

Transport related options:

  • name (String) - transport's name (defaults to winston-sentry-log)
  • silent (Boolean) - suppress logging (defaults to false)
  • level (String) - transport's level of messages to log (defaults to info)
  • levelsMap (Object) - log level mapping to Sentry (see Log Level Mapping below)

Default Sentry Options (options.config)

  • logger (String) - defaults to winston-sentry-log
  • server_name (String) - defaults to process.env.SENTRY_NAME or os.hostname()
  • release (String) - defaults to process.env.SENTRY_RELEASE
  • environment (String) - defaults to process.env.SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT)
  • modules (Object) - defaults to package.json dependencies
  • extra (Object) - no default value
  • fingerprint (Array) - no default value

For a full list of Sentry options, please visit https://docs.sentry.io/clients/node/config/.

Log Level Mapping

Winston logging levels are mapped by default to Sentry's acceptable levels.

These defaults are set as options.levelsMap and are:

  silly: 'debug',
  verbose: 'debug',
  info: 'info',
  debug: 'debug',
  warn: 'warning',
  error: 'error'

You can customize how log levels are mapped using the levelsMap option:

new Sentry({
  levelsMap: {
    verbose: "info"

If no log level mapping was found for the given level passed, then it will not log anything.


MIT License