Event Identifier library for AWS Lambda

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  import vandiumEventIdentifier from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vandium/event-identifier';


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Library to identify AWS Lambda events using Node.js.


  • Lightweight
  • No dependencies


Install via npm.

npm install @vandium/event-identifier --save

Getting Started

To use the library, call the identify() function which will return information about the event. Currently the type of the event is set in the object or unknown.

const identifier = require( '@vandium/event-identifier' );

// handler for s3 events
exports.handler = function( event, context, callback ) {

    if( identifier.indentify( event ).type !== 's3' ) {

        return callback( new Error( 'not s3 service!' ) );

    callback( null, 'success!' );

For CloudWatch events, the object will contain have the type set to cloudwatch and the source set to the service that fired the event.


We'd love to get feedback on how you're using lambda-tester and things we could add to make this tool better. Feel free to contact us at feedback@vandium.io