Browser builds of vaporyjs libraries.

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vaporyjs - Browser Builds

This repository contains browser builds of the following vaporyjs libraries:

They are built using browserify with a known set of working dependencies.

For every library/build collection there is a larger plain source version also including the source mappings (e.g. vaporyjs-vm-x.x.x.js) and a minified version for use in production (e.g. vaporyjs-vm-x.x.x.min.js).


This repository was just lately (October 2017) revived. Currently all builds are considered experimental in terms of API stability, functionality and security!


In your web application, include only one of the builds from the dist directory. All exports will be available under the global vaporyjs.

Note: all packages expect ECMAScript 6 (ES6) as a minimum environment. From browsers lacking ES6 support, please use a shim (like es6-shim) before including any of the builds from this repo.


Examples for usage of the browser builds can be found in the examples directory:

Start an http-server from the main directory of the repository to run the examples in the browser.


Builds are done using the .js exports compilation files from the src/ directory and using the build.js script from the main directory to create the build in the dist/ folder.

Version numbers for the builds are directly extracted from the versions installed in the local node_modules folder.

For creating new builds:

  1. Change package.json to require desired/up-to-date versions of the libraries
  2. Reinstall/update local node_modules packages
  3. Run npm run build to generate new set of builds