Vayo's logger for Node.js apps with Sentry support

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import vayoLogger from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vayo/logger';


Vayo's Logger for NodeJS Apps

This is a simple logger setup using Bunyan + Sentry (optional)


npm install --save @vayo/logger


createLogger accepts an option object with the following keys:

level: 'info', // minimal log level to print
useBunyanPrettyStream: true, // pretty print bunyan events
useSensitiveDataStream: true, // strip certain sensitive keys (see sensitiveDataPattern)
sensitiveDataPattern: "(secret|.*token|passw(?:or)?d",
sentryDsn: 'xxxxxx', // Sentry DSN
environment: 'production' // used by Sentry


'use strict';

const createLogger = require('@vayo/logger');

const logger = createLogger({
level: 'warn',
sentryDsn: 'http://xxxxxx.sentry.com',
environment: 'production'

From here on - this is just plain Bunyan

logger.fatal({ err: new Error('Something bad happened'), requestId: '1234567890' }, 'Failed to complete task');
logger.debug({ user }, 'User logged in');