The whole VCL in one package

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  import vclVcl from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vcl/vcl';


VCL - @vcl/vcl

The @vcl/vcl package contains all modules that are part of the VCL and provides different entry points for imports.


npm install @vcl/vcl --save


The package's default import includes the components that 80% of all reasonable complex web apps need. An icon font is not included to leave this choice open.

@import "@vcl/vcl";

Use the following import for a collection of core modules

@import "@vcl/vcl/core"
// Additional vcl modules

List of core modules:

- theme
- app
- breakpoints
- button
- button-group
- checkbox
- container
- divider
- drawer
- fieldset
- flex-grid
- form
- icogram
- icon
- input
- logo
- loose-button-group
- radio-button
- responsive-image
- scrollbar
- select
- select-list
- size-modulation
- toolbar
- typography
- utils