FaunaDB migrate tool.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import vdtn359FaunadbMigrate from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vdtn359/faunadb-migrate';



FaunaDB Migrate is a tool to help faunadb developers setup theirs app database. This is not an official tool supported by Fauna


npm i -g git+https://github.com/BrunoQuaresma/faunadb-migrate.git\#master

Before start

Before start you should set FAUNADB_SECRET env variable with a faunadb admin key.

export FAUNADB_SECRET=fnyoursecret-here



Setup migrations in faunadb. You should use this command before run the migrations.

faunadb-migrate setup
# or using a scope env
FAUNADB_SECRET=fnyoursecret-here faunadb-migrate setup

Create migrations

Create new migration file inside of ./migrations folder.

faunadb-migrate create create_users

This command will generate the following template for you:

module.exports.up = q => {
  return q.CreateCollection({ name: 'Users' })

module.exports.down = q => {
  return q.Delete(q.Collection('Users'))

The collection name is not dynamic. "Users" is only a sample.


Run the migration files.

faunadb-migrate migrate

Currently we are not handling failures well so in case of runnning mutiple migrations and something get wrong you should remove the "garbage" using the console UI or fauna-shell.


Rollback all the previous changes.

faunadb-migrate rollback


See all available commands and params.

faunadb-migrate --help


  • Tests, tests and tests
  • Add --force option to ignore errors
  • Better error handling