wasm api helps to define wasm function

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<script type="module">
  import vectorizedioWasmApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vectorizedio/wasm-api';


vectorized wasm-api

Redpanda coprocessing client library for nodejs

How to use?

  1. Simply include the library and create your own instance of the SimpleTransform class.
const wasmJs = const {
} = require("@vectorizedio/wasm-api");
const transform = new SimpleTransform();
  1. Specify what topics you want your script to consume from:
transform.subscribe(["my-topic", PolicyInjection.Stored]);
  1. And write your custom transform logic that may filter or transform records in any way you'd like.
transform.processRecord((recordBatch) => {
   return Promise.resolve(new Map(....));

Whats the expected output?

Use the map returned from the processRecord method to determine what output topics you'd like to produce onto. For example if the recordBatch arrived from 'my-topic' and your Map contains a single key 'Foo', the transformed recordBatch will be produced onto a materialized topic named 'my-topic.$Foo . Materialized topics share all topic attributes with its source topic.