MyInsights Javascript Library

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<script type="module">
  import veevaMyinsights from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@veeva/myinsights';


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The MyInsights Library provides the primary interface for interacting with Salesforce data through the Veeva Apps. Include the library and the resource will be realized as an instantiated singleton. The aim of the MyInsights Library is to simplify querying and working with Salesforce data from within your custom HTML-based application.

The primary function of the MyInsights Library queries a set of records for you according to the config object you pass in. It provides a record set that is data-typed, properly labeled, with recordtype and picklist labels returned conveniently for you.

Download Sample Reports
Account Plan Dashboard compiled source
Account Sales Dashboard compiled source
Homepage: Territory Insights compiled source
KOL Custom HTML profile compiled source
Product Group Subtotals compiled source
Interaction Summary compiled source
Inventory Monitoring Dashboard compiled source
Sunrise Quickstart Guide compiled source

The Library was developed to be as dependency agnostic as possible so you are free to use any framework in conjunction with the Library.