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Vue Splitter Pane

vue-splitter-pane is a Vuejs component which renders two slots in a adjustable split arrangement (vetical or horizontal).

Uses flex-box for sizing.

Installation & Usage

$ npm install vue-splitter-pane

Vue Global Usage

import SplitterPane from 'vue-splitter-pane'
Vue.use(SplitterPane); # registers splitter-pane, splitter-pane-v and splitter-pane-h

Vue Local Usage

import SplitterPane, {SplittePaneV, SplitterPaneH} from 'vue-splitter-pane'
  components:  {
    SplitterPane,       // registers splitter-pane, must provide orientation
    SplitterPaneV,      // registers splitrer-pane-v, for side by side arrangement
    SplitterPaneH       // registers splitter-pane-h for top/bottom arrangement


Using splitter-pane

   <splitter-pane split="vertical">
      <template slot="left">
      <template slot="right">

Using splitter-pane-h

       <template slot="top">
       <template slot="bottom">


  <splitter-pane-v initial-size="40%">
    <template slot="left"> A </template>
    <template slot="right">
        <template slot="top">
          <splitter-pane-v initial-size="60%">
            <template slot="left">B</template>
            <template slot="right">C</template>
        <template slot="bottom">
          <splitter-pane-v :throttle="20" initial-size="200px">
            <template slot="left">D</template>
            <template slot="right">E</template>

Slot Names

Splitter Type First Slot Second Slot
vertical left right
horizontal top bottom


  • resize([size1, size2]): Emitted when the panes are resized. size1 and size2 are the adjusted dimensions of the first and second pane, respectively (width for vertical and height for horizontal).

Component Properties

Property Description type default
split Pane arrangement horizontal , vertical required
initial-size Initial size of first slot Any valid CSS size (e.g. px, %) 50%
min-size Lower size bound for the first slot Any valid CSS size (e.g. px, % ) 20%
min-size Upper size bound for the first slot Any valid CSS size (e.g. px, %) 80%
throttle Throttle size updates to no more than given value Rate in ms -
x-class Adds a classname string -


splitter-pane includes the bare minimal styling to ensure functionality.

  • .spliter-container[.vertical|.horizontal][.xclass]``: The outer container. xclass` is a user supplied name.

  • .splitter-pane[.vertical|.horizontal].splitter-pane-[left|right|top|bottom][.xclass]: Individual panes.

  • .splitter-pane-handle[.vertical|.horizontal][.xclass]: The handle