A tiny donut chart library

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  import verivoxTinyDonuts from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@verivox/tiny-donuts';


Tiny Donuts

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A tiny, dependency-less library for creating SVG donut charts.


We needed Donut charts - however, Chart.js was a much too powerful (and big) for our use case and added >200kb to our browser application.

So we wrote this small library with a minified size of 4 KiB.


Install the package as a dependency: npm install @verivox/tiny-donuts

const { Donut } = window.TinyDonuts

const donut = new Donut({ 
       entries: [
           { color: 'red',     value: 0.25},
           { color: 'blue',    value: 0.25},
           { color: 'black',   value: 0.25},
           { color: 'green',   value: 0.1},
           { color: '#FFA500', value: 0.15}
const svgElement = donut.getSVGElement()

Chart Example

Configuration options

  • entries - a list of segments, consisting of a css color and a float value
  • thickness - the stroke width of the circle
  • spacing - how much whitespace should be between each segment


We use typescript, which is transpiled to javascript.

Make sure that you create tests if necessary, which can be run via npm test.

What you should check before creating a merge request:

  • npm test is green
  • npm run lint is green
  • npm run build has been run and the dist/-folder has been checked into the branch to be merged
  • the documentation has been updated for feature changes


Written by Kim Almasan, Lars Kumbier helped a tiny bit.


Licensed under MIT by the Verivox GmbH