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  import viewarIntelligentgraphics from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@viewar/intelligentgraphics';



Export items from Intelligent Graphics catalog system to the ViewAR system.


Use in code

Install package (either npm or yarn):

npm install --save viewar-intelligentgraphcis
yarn add viewar-intelligentgraphcis

Get catalog list and a scene state from an item in a catalog:

import * as ViewarIntelligentGraphics from 'viewar-intelligentgraphcis';

// Create and initialize importer.
const importer = new ViewarIntelligentGraphics.Importer();
await importer.init({
  igxr: 'viewar',

// Get catalog list.
const catalogList = importer.getCatalogList();

// Get items from catalog.
const items = await importer.getCatalogItems(catalogList[0]);

// Get scene state from item.
const sceneState = await importer.getItemSceneState(items[0]);

Build the package

Login to ig npm repository:

npm login
ig_external <password>

Install dependencies:

npm install

Build or run watcher:

npm run build # Build for production.
npm run watch # Start watcher.