My shareable config for Renovate.

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  import vikr01RenovateConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vikr01/renovate-config';



My shareable config for Renovate.

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Just add this package directly to your renovate.json (or other renovate config variations).

For the latest version from npm:

  "extends": ["@vikr01"]

To use this repository's config:

  "extends": ["github>vikr01/renovate-config"]


@vikr01 (default)

  • Bumps dependencies and devDependencies whenever a new version is published.
    • For example, ^3.0.0 will be bumped to ^3.0.1 even though 3.0.1 the still fits the range of ^3.0.0. This is to prevent lockfiles from preventing useful dependency updates.
  • Separates major and minor patches of dependencies
    • For example, updates for eslint-plugin-import from ^2.14.0 to ^2.15.0 and prettier from ^1.0.0 to ^2.0.0 will be separated into different pull requests.
  • Groups ESLint, Prettier, and Stylelint dependencies together under the name linters
  • Disables updating engines in package.json files.
  • Renovate updates occur only between 6:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST on saturdays