semantic-release configuration for Vingle, Inc.

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  import vingleSemanticReleaseConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vingle/semantic-release-config';


Vingle semantic-release configuration

A common semantic-release configuration for TypeScript projects at Vingle.


$ npm install @vingle/semantic-release-config --save-dev

Add the following to .releaserc.json

  "extends": "@vingle/semantic-release-config"

Add the following to CI Script:

$ npx semantic-release



This is commonly used preset.

  "extends": "@vingle/semantic-release-config"

Embedded Packages

This is special configuration for embedded packages where package co-located with service.

For example, Media SDK located in Media Service repository, and non-sdk related commits are not using semantic-commits.

In this case, Use this configuration.

  "extends": "@vingle/semantic-release-config",
  "successComment": false

and switch directory to package root before executing semantic-release.

For example:

$ cd media-sdk
$ npx semantic-release