Command line tool for creating and publishing visuals for Power BI

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PowerBI Visual Tools (pbiviz)

The easiest way to create custom visuals is by using the PowerBI command line tools which can be easily to installed via NPM. The command line tools provide everything you need to develop visuals and test them in live PowerBI reports and dashboards.


  • Visual project generation
  • TypeScript compilation
  • Less compilation
  • Automatic live reload
  • pbiviz packaging (for distribution)

Basic Setup

Before you can get started you'll need to install the tools. This should only take a few seconds.


Before you can run (or install) the command line tools you must install NodeJS.


To install the command line tools simply run the following command

npm install -g powerbi-visuals-tools

To confirm it was installed correctly you can run the command without any parameters which should display the help screen.


How to build a visual?

Refer to our documentation repository


You can learn more about using these tools in the following guides

PowerBI Visuals Tools Changes

Visuals API Changes


If you would like to contribute please see How To Contribute.