VisualSignal's ESLint config, extending AirBnB with some modifications added to taste.

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  import visualsignalEslintConfig from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@visualsignal/eslint-config';


VisualSignal ESLint Config


Install this module into your project using:

npm install --save @visualsignal/eslint-config

Create an .eslintrc.js in the root of your project with the following contents:

module.exports = {
  extends: ['@visualsignal/eslint-config'],

(This can also be a simple .eslintrc if you wish)

This will install the base VisualSignal ESLint config into your project.

We also have a number of alternatives that extend this base config for more specific use cases, these can be used by replacing the string within the extends array. For instance: a frontend Vue application using TypeScript, such as VisualSignal.io, would use @visualsignal/eslint-config/vue-ts.

Here are all our available configs:

Name ESLint config path Description
Base (or Index) @visualsignal/eslint-config A TypeScript config based off of AirBnB, with some preferential modifications.
Frontend @visualsignal/eslint-config/frontend Currently a very simple config with some frontend globals such as document, WebSocket, MediaStream.
Frontend with TypeScript @visualsignal/eslint-config/frontend-ts Extends base and frontend.
Vue @visualsignal/eslint-config/vue Extends frontend.
Vue with TypeScript @visualsignal/eslint-config/vue-ts Extends base and vue with some modifications for frontend TS usage.