Vonage Server SDK for Node.js. API support for SMS, Voice Calls, Text-to-Speech, Numbers, Verify (2FA) and more.

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Vonage Server SDK for Node.js

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This is the Node.JS Server SDK for Vonage APIs. To use it you will need a Vonage account. Sign up for free at vonage.com.

For full API documentation refer to developer.nexmo.com.


With NPM

npm install @vonage/server-sdk

With Yarn

yarn add @vonage/server-sdk


const Vonage = require('@vonage/server-sdk');

const vonage = new Vonage({
    apiKey: API_KEY,
    apiSecret: API_SECRET,
    applicationId: APP_ID,
    privateKey: PRIVATE_KEY_PATH,
    signatureSecret: SIGNATURE_SECRET,
    signatureMethod: SIGNATURE_METHOD
  }, options);
  • apiKey - API Key from Vonage API. If applicationId and privateKey are present, apiKey is optional.
  • apiSecret - API SECRET from Vonage API. If applicationId and privateKey are present, apiSecret is optional.
  • applicationId - (optional) The Vonage API Application ID to be used when creating JWTs.
  • privateKey - (optional) The Private Key to be used when creating JWTs. You can specify the key as any of the following:
    • A Buffer containing the file contents.
    • A String containing the path to the key file on disk.
    • A String containing the key itself.
  • signatureSecret - (optional) API signature secret from Vonage API, used for signing SMS message requests
  • signatureMethod - (optional) signature method matching the one you gave Vonage API, used for signing SMS message requests. Must be one of "md5hash", "md5", "sha1", "sha256", or "sha512"
  • options - (optional) Additional options for the constructor.

Options are:

  // If true, log information to the console
  debug: true|false,
  // append info the the User-Agent sent to Nexmo
  // e.g. pass 'my-app' for /nexmo-node/1.0.0/4.2.7/my-app
  appendToUserAgent: string,
  // Set a custom logger
  logger: {
    log: function() {level, args...}
    info: function() {args...},
    warn: function() {args...}
  // Set a custom timeout for requests to Nexmo in milliseconds. Defaults to the standard for Node http requests, which is 120,000 ms.
  timeout: integer,
  // Set a custom host for requests instead of api.nexmo.com
  apiHost: string,
  // Set a custom host for requests instead of rest.nexmo.com
  restHost: string


All methods expect a callback function to be passed in, with a method signature of (error, response) where:

  • error - is an Error object if the API call returns an error, or null if the API call was successful.
  • response - is an Object, with the API response if the API call was successful, or null if there was an error.


callback = (error, response) => {
  if (error) {

  if (response) {



npm test

Or to continually watch and run tests as you change the code:

npm run test-watch


See the Vonage Node Quickstarts repo.

Supported APIs

The following is a list of Vonage APIs and whether the Node Server SDK provides support for them:

API API Release Status Supported?
Account API General Availability
Alerts API General Availability
Application API General Availability
Audit API Beta
Conversation API Beta
Dispatch API Beta
External Accounts API Beta
Media API Beta
Messages API Beta
Number Insight API General Availability
Number Management API General Availability
Pricing API General Availability
Redact API Developer Preview
Reports API Beta
SMS API General Availability
Verify API General Availability
Voice API General Availability