Easy access and handler for folders and files paths with several tools

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import vorlefanPath from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vorlefan/path';


Path Route

This is my first npm package module. The main function is to give the power of easily accessing the folders and files of your project. Portable for TypeScript


With npm do:

npm install @vorlefan/path

With yarn do:

yarn add  @vorlefan/path


You can access on the folder 'docs' of this repository A better documentation will be made at the near future.


  • Create several custom routes to access different folders & files
  • Without any dependency
  • Manage your files with the power of CRUD methods.
  • Easy to use


Please, take a look at the 'example' folder of this repository

'use strict';

 * @description Basic usage of this module.
 * This will take at account this folder (module folder),
 * as example.

const { Routes, Route } = require('./src');

// Create a new route instance and give it a name

Routes.instance((instance) => {
    instance.set('src', instance.resolve(__dirname, '..'));
    instance.join('test', 'src');
    instance.join('examples', 'src');
}, 'Basic');

// Access