Utility for graphing JAR coupling data provided via jarviz

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Jarviz Graph Tool

Jarviz graph tool is designed for graphing the dependency coupling data for Java applications. The dependency coupling data provided as a JSON Lines (.jsonl) file is generated from Jarviz Java library.

In order to run the tool, Jarviz Graph expects node and npm to be installed in the system as a prerequisite.

Sample Dependency Graph



  • Clone the repository
  • Run following command:
$ npm install
$ npm run build:example

The output is generated as HTML files in the build directory using the mock coupling data from lib/mock directory.


To generate the HTML graph using specified coupling data, run:

npx "@homeaway/jarviz-graph" -i <Input Directory> -o <Output Directory>


-i, --input <path>    Input path to the directory containing Jarviz JSONL
-o, --output <path>   Output path to the directory for HTML graph


This project is available under the Apache 2.0 License.

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