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Keep a changelog cli

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Made to update the CHANGELOG.md file when creating a new library version.

The CHANGELOG.md file should be based on the Keepachangelog conventions.


$ npx keepachangelog -h
Usage: keepachangelog [options] [command]

  -V, --version               output the version number
  -h, --help                  display help for command

  release [options] [number]  add a new entry. When no number is provided, it will try to use the npm_package_version instead.
  confirm [options] [number]  ask the user a confirmation before creating the new version
  display [options] [number]  display the summary of the changelog for a specific version. Can take a semver version number or "unreleased" as an argument. Default will be unreleased
  help [command]              display help for command


Add a version to the CHANGELOG file with a user confirmation

npx keepachangelog release <version> -c

Update the CHANGELOG file on NPM version

It can be used in the scripts of the package.json file, using the given environment variable npm_new_version:

  "scripts": {
    // Update the CHANGELOG.md file and add it to the staged files
    // Use $npm_new_version and $npm_old_version with npm 7+ on Linux, or $npm_package_version with npm 6.x
    // Use the format %npm_new_version% on Windows
    // The `--current-version` option is optional since the cli can read the packagee.json file
    "preversion": "keepeachangelog display unreleased && keepachangelog confirm $npm_new_version --current-version $npm_old_version",
    "version": "keepachangelog release $npm_new_version && git add ./CHANGELOG.md",
    // Optional: Add the updated file to the commit dedicated to the version, and push the modification to the origin repository
    "postversion": "git push origin HEAD && git push origin v$npm_new_version",


  • Validate the changelog file format
  • Add options to confirm command to display the unreleased messages