Vue component that helps you to to trap focus in an element.

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<script type="module">
  import vueA11yFocusLoop from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vue-a11y/focus-loop';



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Vue component that helps you to to trap focus in an element.

When developing accessible components, in certain behaviors it is important to trap focus on the element.

For example, when opening a modal, it is recommended that the focus is only on the tabbable elements of that modal and only release the focus, when the modal is closed.

  • Focus is trapped: Tab and Shift+Tab will cycle through the focusable nodes within <FocusLoop> without returning to the main document below;
  • Automatic focus on the first focusable element, with the option to disable;
  • Restoring focus to the last activeElement;
  • Hides the document from screen readers when <focusLoop> is visible and enabled.


Add @vue-a11y/focus-loop in your Vue project.

npm install -S @vue-a11y/focus-loop
# or
yarn add @vue-a11y/focus-loop

Or via CDN

<script src="http://unpkg.com/@vue-a11y/focus-loop"></script>


You can use it globally in your main.js.

import Vue from 'vue'
import VueFocusLoop from '@vue-a11y/focus-loop'


Or you can import into your component.

import { FocusLoop } from '@vue-a11y/focus-loop'

export default {
  components: {

Example of use on your single file component.

    <b-button v-b-modal.modal-1>Launch demo modal</b-button>

    <b-modal id="modal-1" title="BootstrapVue">
      <FocusLoop :is-visible="isOpen">
        <b-form @submit="onSubmit" @reset="onReset" v-if="show">
          <b-form-group id="input-group-2" label="Your Name:" label-for="input-1">
              placeholder="Enter name"

          <b-form-group id="input-group-2" label="Your Email:" label-for="input-2">
              placeholder="Enter email" 

          <b-button type="submit" variant="primary">Submit</b-button>
          <b-button type="reset" variant="danger">Reset</b-button>

Make the focus-loop container visible and rendered

prop type default
isVisible Boolean false
<FocusLoop :is-visible="isOpen">
  <!-- your elements here -->

Disable loop

You can disable the focus trap and activate it only when you really need it.

prop type default
disabled Boolean false

For example:

<FocusLoop :is-visible="isOpen" disabled>
  <!-- your elements here -->

Disable autofocus on the first element

When activating the <FocusLoop>, the first element receives the focus automatically, however, if you want to disable this behavior, just disable it through the autoFocus prop.

prop type default
autoFocus Boolean true

For example:

<FocusLoop :is-visible="isOpen" :auto-focus="false">
  <!-- your elements here -->

Keyboard support

Keyboard users will use Tab and Shift + Tab to navigate tabbable elements.

According to the Modal Dialog Example in WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices specification, when the focus is on the last focusable element, you must move the focus to the first element and vice versa.

Key Function
Tab ▸ Moves focus to next focusable element inside the dialog.
▸ When focus is on the last focusable element in the dialog, moves focus to the first focusable element in the dialog.
Shift + Tab ▸ Moves focus to previous focusable element inside the dialog.
▸ When focus is on the first focusable element in the dialog, moves focus to the last focusable element in the dialog.


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