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  import vueReactivity from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vue/reactivity';



Usage Note

This package is inlined into Global & Browser ESM builds of user-facing renderers (e.g. @vue/runtime-dom), but also published as a package that can be used standalone. The standalone build should not be used alongside a pre-bundled build of a user-facing renderer, as they will have different internal storage for reactivity connections. A user-facing renderer should re-export all APIs from this package.

For full exposed APIs, see src/index.ts. You can also run yarn build reactivity --types from repo root, which will generate an API report at temp/reactivity.api.md.


The implementation of this module is inspired by the following prior art in the JavaScript ecosystem:


  • Built-in objects are not observed except for Array, Map, WeakMap, Set and WeakSet.