VZTube JSON-P API wrapper

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  import vztubeVztubeApi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@vztube/vztube-api';



Verizon's internal video site, called VZTube, is accessible from several intranet and internet domains - this library abstracts determining what domain the user can access, and makes it easier to pull a JSON response.

Note: This library assumes the user has already authenticated with Verizon's SSO application.


$ npm install --save @vztube/vztube-api


<script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/raw/vztube/vztube-api/master/releases/vztube-api-latest.js"></script>


vztube.api(id, callback)

Pull a JSON-P response using a video's ID number.

import { api } from 'vztube-api';

api('9297', (err, data) => {

The JSON response looks like the following:

  "id": "9297",
  "title": "Uploading to VZTube",
  "url": "https://vztube.verizonwireless.com/9297/uploading-to-vztube",
  "source": "https://vztube.verizonwireless.com/uploads/HnUjSd4JD1sqPTIePZzB.mp4",
  "poster": "https://vztube.verizonwireless.com/uploads/thumbs/HnUjSd4JD1sqPTIePZzB.jpg",
  "captions": ["...", "...", "..."]

vztube.api will automatically fix the source attribute in the response above.

vztube.access(domain, callback)

Determine if the user has access to the specified domain. Returns a Boolean.

import { access } from 'vztube-api';

access('vztube.vzwcorp.com', (err, access) => {


Detect the first available VZTube domain. Responds with "vztube.vzwcorp.com", "vztube.verizonwireless.com" or "vztube.verizon.com".

import { detect } from 'vztube-api';

detect((err, domain) => {

vztube.rewrite(url, callback)

Rewrite the specified url's domain with the value returned from vztube.detect, leaving it otherwise intact.

import { rewrite } from 'vztube';

rewrite('https://vztube.vzwcorp.com/videos/12345/test', (err, url) => {