List the dependencies present in the local project's package.json file

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  import wabsonListDependencies from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@wabson/list-dependencies';



List the dependencies present in the local npm project's package.json file.

The tool lists all dependencies listed explicitly in package.json in the current project/directory. No attempt is made to look at indirect dependencies and it does not connect to npm, it just reports what is configured locally.

By default it lists all dependencies but you can supply a single argument to filter the list, which will match using a RegExp against the module names.


The module can be installed from the public npm registry, e.g.

npm install --save-dev @wabson/list-dependencies


First, reference the list-dependencies command script by adding it to your package.json.

  "scripts": {
    "list-deps": "list-dependencies"

You can now run commands such as the following to list the configured dependencies of your project.

# list all dependencies, one-per-line
npm run list-deps
# list selected dependencies matching a regexp
npm run list-deps "^ng2-alfresco-"

If you are parsing the output of the script with a shell script, you probably want to add --loglevel=silent to the npm run command.

The project also exports a single function to fetch the list of dependencies and run a callback function with the list of matched dependencies as a single argument, so you can use this directly if you are writing scripts yourself.

var listDependencies = require('list-dependencies');
listDependencies('lodash', function(deps) {

Known issues

There was an error reading the package.json file

The script will only look for package.json files in the current directory. You should always run the command script via npm run to ensure that the current working directory is set correctly.